Zafe de línea (cajas) Nuevo

New Design

General Info

The clutches are used to protect against overload.
When the clutch is released it generates "load pulses" at right angles to the stalks roll shaft, greatly reducing stress
on the drive system.

In the corn head, each row unit is equipped with an independent clutch of this model, which protects it from overloads,
thus avoiding breakages and ensuring safety and reliability under various harvesting conditions.
Each clutch is attached by a clamping mechanism to the input shaft of the gearbox, reducing spline wear and any
excess movement.

This new design is lighter and shorter than the previous version.
Hex Row unit shaft
Row unit clutch1 1/4"424.9Can be regulated to 50 Kgm
Row unit clutch1 1/8"424.9Can be regulated to 50 Kgm