General Info

The gearboxes for speed selection applicable to systems of dosage of seeds and fertilizers in seeders replace the old
train of chain gears.
The system of gear sliding has a specific number of speeds.
These kinds of system are managed by different number of handles according to the model.
It’s consisting in a couple of Gears Sub-Assembly welded for each handle. Each Gears Sub-Assembly has 2 or 3 gears.
There are the same number of fix and sliding Gears Sub-Assembly. The fix and sliding Gears Sub-Assembly can be in
driven or driver shaft, according with the couple.
The position of the sliding Gears Sub-Assembly is managed by the handles. The handles move for both sides, moving
the Gears Sub-Assembly in order to make agree only one gear of each Gears Sub-Assembly. In this way, according with
the combination of the gear in the different Gears Sub-Assembly is the ratio of the gearbox.
SW2005 A
Number of cams23363
Cams MaterialGrilonGrilonSteel SAE 8620Steel SAE 8620Steel SAE 8620
Arms MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelSpecial SteelSpecial SteelSpecial Steel
Speed ratio3:1 - 70:13:1 - 70:13:1 - 70:1 (w/ neutral point)3:1 - 70:1 (w/ neutral point)3:1 - 70:1 (w/ neutral point)
Torque [Kgm]812182418
Output senseCW-CW (*)CW-CW (*)
CW-CCW (**)
w/ reversing gear
CW-CW (*)
CW-CCW (**)
CW-CW (*)
CW-CCW (**)
CW-CW (*)
CW-CCW (**)
Shafts configuration