S.W. 2005


General Info

Internal system constituted by cams, arms and one way bearings.
Possibility to use with mechanical regulator or to add electronic system of variable dosage.

Housing Material: Gray cast iron
Shafts: Steel SAE 4140 - Tempered
Cams: Grilon
SW2005: 2 cams
SW2005A. 3 cams
Arms: Stainless Steel
Chain gear and clutch: Regulated and designed according with customers requirements.
Speed handles: Lateral
Shaft support: Needle Bearing or Bushing
Support position: Lateral
SW2005 A
Selection SystemCVTCVT
Speed Number--
Speed ratioRange3:1 - 70:13:1 - 70:1
Variation between speed--
Torque [Kgm]812
Output senseCW-CW (*)CW-CW (*)
CW-CCW (**)
w/ reversing gear
Shafts configuration
Data sheet