Z.M. 1110

General Info

General Info

It is an enclosed submerged in lubricant (grease) gearbox, driven by single input hollow shaft
This kind of gearboxes drives the gathering chains and stalk rolls shafts for each row unit in corn heads.
It has the possibility to put clutch protection in each input hollow shaft.
The grease for maintenance is added from the top.
For materials details, see brochure in the table.

Available options

Housing Material: Nodular Cast Iron
Threads: Metric, UNC or BSW
Housing width: 370 mm
Gathering chain shaft distance: 240 mm
Gathering chain shaft output form: Hex, Cylindrical with keyway or under customer requirement
Hollow shaft: For Hex row unit shaft 1 1/8” and 1 1/4"(See details in table)
Stalks roll shafts: Single hole, double holes or under customer requirements.

If you need another option, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Hex Row unit shaft
Ø Outside Input Hollow Shaft
Z.M. 11101 1/8"50.00 mm6044.0
Z.M. 11101 1/4"50.00 mm6044.0