Customer-focused Strategy


This means that we are much more than a Factory, because we count with meanings to different requirements and assuring ideal operative conditions.
To give priority to new businesses capture and strengthen is the key, thus working out proposals for tailored services, seeking for permanent progress and follow-ups, oriented to our customers ´expectations.

Core Business

Our Main Business es to develop transmissions for agricultural machinery.


Garro Fabril is focused on developing the following features:

* Cost reduction

It does not mean the reduction is possible through a less expensive gear box. It means that by knowing our customer´s problems and even actively participating in its own project, we can choose the most suitable standard solution or the most focused and tailored development, or the most efficient technology, or the most convenient integration, where the final result analyzed in the whole value chain of both the Company and Customer, is the most competitive price as possible.

* Productivity Increase

The product that is offered to a customer, in a wide sense, must represent an increase in productivity, not only in the specific application, but also in the whole value chain (from the very set out of one need to the guarantee and post-sale service)

* Innovation Promotion

The product being offered must have implicit the innovation concept, mostly the progressive innovation according to market, technology and application trends. The former could be reached for Customer or our Company´s initiative, or a combination of both, which assures a permanent accompaniment promoting improvement and the product differentiation for our customer.
All three mentioned slogans are a summary of the action handbook which defines our product, our clients and our widen process, firmly set on our brand´s base, whose main values are:

Support: it refers to the backup and guarantees our clients expect to find from us

Prestige: related to the influence, authority, reputation and fame in our customers´ opinions about our company.

Solvency: it refers to the capacity to fulfill obligations and to solve difficult situations in which our customers trust