The Company started functioning on 1956, due to the initiative of two professors of “Escuela Industrial de Venado Tuerto” (Industrial School of Venado Tuerto) Mr. Juan Garro and Oscar Ferrari in a garage, where they manufactured gear wheels for different necessities, from those demanded by tractors up to cars, thus becoming the company “Talleres Duo SA”.

This way, with a lot of effort, a course was started to be defined in the metallurgic industry targeting a product related to the farming operations and their technical applications. A challenge emerged after a consult about the need to speed up the seed carrying process through a rudimentary planter hopper. Then, a gear box for a planter hopper was firstly manufactured.

Some time after that, the market potential was predicted and with an enterprising spirit, on year 1965 the Company is first settle in on the corner of Route 8 and Colon St. On this location, the business of agricultural transmissions is then developed, and they were designed for any application and for any agricultural machine.
During the seventies, a lathe is incorporated with numeric control thus converting the Company in a milestone in southern Santa Fe Province due to this high-tech and state-of-the-art acquisition.

In addition to this, a Department of Technical Development is created during the 80´s and this make the company could be positioned with a share of 90 % of sales in the Argentinean Market and then start investing in developing overseas markets. This effort allowed the achievement of the first exportation on 1984 to Venezuela, and to Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay afterwards.

Decade of 1990

On 1990 the company is re-organized and remains in property of Garro´s second generation. With the same passion, they continued with an unconditional working team and, on 1997, paying tribute to its founder partner and collaborators, they named the Company after their family name.

The years went by, and this second generation could surround themselves of a new working team which shared the same values for success and ambition for growing. The former, in addition to the expansion of the market in Brazil, yielded the creation on 2004 of a new company in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, in Passo Fundo, called Garro do Brazil, which offers technical support to all businesses generated on this country.

This working team is responsible to provide sustainability to those businesses developed in diverse countries throughout the world and make possible a constant growing in new markets, with the guarantee of Quality, support and service endorsed for these 56 years of career path in the market offering mechanical solutions for power transmissions.